John Deere Ride on Toys

John Deere 7930 with loader and pneumatic wheels

Top of the range John Deere pedal tractor. Pneumatic tyres, 2 gears and a brake. Loader can be remov..

€355.78 Ex VAT:€289.25

John Deere Buddy Go-Kart

Compact, light and fast pedal Go-Kart with spoiler, pnematic off road tyres, forward and reverse gea..

€320.00 Ex VAT:€260.16

John Deere Snow Cruiser

Very stable sledge with steel skates.Towing rop included...

€50.83 Ex VAT:€41.32

John Deere Tractor with Loader

With Trailer and front loader.The steering wheel does not inlude a horn. Bonnet can open. Age 2 1/2 ..

€127.06 Ex VAT:€103.30

John Deere Tractor with Loader & Backhoe

Comes with rolly junior loader. BACKHOE ALSO INCLUDED!(unlike Smyth's Toy Store) . Bonnet opens and ..

€225.00 Ex VAT:€182.93

RollyFarmtrac John Deere 6210R Tractor with Loader and Pneumatic Wheels

With loader, pneumatic tyres, extra strong 12mm rear axle, front axle suspension with reinforced met..

€284.62 Ex VAT:€231.40

Threewheel tractor John Deere

With Sounding steering wheel and trailer. Age 2 and more...

€81.32 Ex VAT:€66.11

RollyMinitrac John Deere 6150R Tractor

Bonnet in the shape of the John Deere tractor 6150R. Includes features like a horn, tyres have outer..

€66.08 Ex VAT:€53.72
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